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Electronic and Photonic Molecular Materials Group

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Dr Rahul Jayaprakash

Photograph of Dr Rahul Jayaprakash.


Rahul grew up in Dubai as a child and then moving to Trivandrum (hometown), a tropical city in the south of India, where he did his undergrad (2005 – 2009) in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Kerala University.

Having developed a unique interest in semiconductor physics, he decided to do a Masters (2009 – 2010) in Microelectronics Engineering, from Newcastle University (UK), studying extensively semiconductor electronic devices & fabrication, VLSI design, and optoelectronics. His thesis mainly focussed on the study of piezoresistance coefficients of silicon nanowires.

He then moved to an exotic tourist destination in the south of Europe – Crete, Greece, where he started his Ph.D. (2010 - 2015) in Materials Science and Technology, as a part of Marie Curie ITN programme – ICARUS. His research over there mainly focussed on the fabrication and optical characterisation of GaN based microcavities, gaining expertise on techniques such as k-space imaging, µ-PL, PLE, time resolved spectroscopy and photo-electrochemical etching. He also worked briefly on 1-D systems such as GaN nanowires and organic semiconductors (polyfluorene).

He has now moved back to the UK, joining the EPMM group in early 2016, where he would mainly work on the fabrication and optical characterisation of inorganic / hybrid microcavities.

Apart from research Rahul loves spending time with friends, travelling, trekking, reading, tennis and a lot of indoor games.

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