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Electronic and Photonic Molecular Materials Group

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Faleh L. Al-Jashaam

Photograph of Faleh L. Al-Jashaam.


My name is Faleh L. Al-Jashaam. I was born in Iraq. I obtained BSc degree from the University of Baghdad-Physics department in 2000. After graduation, I showed high interest in laser science, therefore I decided to complete my MSc with project titled "a study for some quantum computing concepts in cryptography" and the affect of laser on it in the University of Baghdad in 2006. Since completing my MSc, I attended the University of Tikrit in Iraq to work as lecturer in the Physics department and I am the responsible of the Laboratory of laser and optics from 2008 until 2014. I have some articles which was published in a different science magazines such as (International Journal of Thin Films Science and Technology) and (Journal of Environmental Studies) in Egypt, and others in the magazine of the university of Tikrit.

I have been funded by the government of Iraq to study PhD degree in the University of Sheffield. Under the supervision of Prof. David Lidzey.

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